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bulletPreparation of preliminary estimates (all Out-of-Media, in the targeted markets)                              
bulletAvailability searches, photo fact sheets, spotted maps, location list and space                         reservations (all media)                                               
bulletNegotiations for space, allotments, cost, dates, etc . . . (all media)                                               
bulletPreparation and release of contracts                                            
bulletEstablishment and maintenance of schedule control:

(A) follow-up for contract acceptance from all vendors

(B) follow-up for waiting list space

(C) report to agency on contract acceptance

(D) supply to agency, photosheets, location list, spotted maps reach and frequency reports, demographic reports, etc...

bulletRequest for creative design information from agency- written correspondence with vendors on creative for upcomming months posting and installation.
bulletPreparation for agency of shipping instructions for posters, vinyl etc . . .
bulletMaintenance of shipping control 
bullet  (A) follow-up with agency or lithographer to expedite shipments.                                                               (B) Follow-up with agency on conformation of materials delivery.                                                
bulletOrder and follow-up on all completion reports and completion photos for all media.    
bulletInvestigate on any irregularities and adjustments.                              
bulletPreparation and transmittal to agency of all necessary media  completion reports.                          
bulletReconciliation of contracted services to contracted cost.            
bulletConsolidation of vendors invoices   
bulletPreparation of invoice to agency. Agency only pays one invoice per contract.
bulletPayment to all vendors.